luxury + destination live wedding painter
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luxury + destination live wedding painter
            Oklahoma + worldwide

When I'm not frolicking in the yard with my four children, you'll find me seated at my dining room table, brush in hand, painting fine art that honors light, lines, and movement.   


To paint the heart of your celebration through watercolor storytelling inspired by the living experience of your once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The beginning of something beautiful coming alive with each stroke of my brush.  

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I believe in curating an experience that wows showcasing the joy of your love story.
If you're trusting me as your wedding artist, I know this to be true…

A painting that will reside on the wall of your future home where each day your children will pass by and see the significance of your connection.

Thousands of photographs will be taken at your wedding yet many of them will remain unprinted and forgotten. Your fine art painting is not just a piece of your wedding, it is a tangible reminder of why you fell in love in the first place.

Your celebrations will come alive even more than you envisioned with a romantic, illuminating experience for your guests.

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Courtney created a very special heirloom piece for me.

Her soul shines through her paintbrush, and I am in awe.


Welcome, I’m Courtney Kibby.

From behind the easel, I serve timeless brides who still embrace the unexpected by creating live heirloom painting experiences that are immersive, one-of-a-kind, and thrilling to watch.

Bringing your wedding day to life, thrilling your guests with a show-stopping experience, and creating a timeless keepsake that will look like art, not like a replica of a photo and will warm your heart every time you look at it –
it’s why you're looking at live wedding paintings here.

my favorite part of live painting? THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE WHEN YOU SEE YOUR LOVE STORY AS FINE ART.

your live wedding painter.

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I specialize in creating timeless heirloom paintings for couples who are seeking a romantic and intentional way to capture their wedding day. 

I use my passion for movement and storytelling to create an authentic impressionist-style heirloom painting that blends classic tradition with your distinguished style.

My life and the inspiration behind my artwork as your live wedding painter is rooted in discovering beauty in the mundane and recognizing that beauty can be found anywhere. I strive to create paintings that have a profound significance, ones that transcend time rather than merely capturing a moment like a photograph.

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"Courtney is an incredible artist who is lovely to work with! She is a kind-hearted person 

who genuinely cares about creating the perfect piece for her clients. "

Elizabeth Bedell, Bride

"Wow, this is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. 

You are amazing!"

Jose Villa,
jose villa photography

The way that the florals and the paintings worked together was like a dream! If you’re thinking of hiring Courtney, you HAVE to do it!! 

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Mom of 4. Early mornings. Prussian Blue. Have fewer, yet better things. Known for my witty banter. Faith. Homeschooling my littles. Family. Observer of the human spirit. Home. Refreshing conversations and meaningful celebrations. Travel. Beauty in the little things.

my living art

There may be a “cheaper” option but you absolutely get what you pay for and you can’t put a price on the peace of mind and professionalism Courtney brings.

Jenny Morris, Bride

“100% worth it.  It was incredible how I shared my vision and she just took that and ran with it.

Everyone at the wedding loved the painting and I have gotten many compliments on how awesome it was, and I can't wait to show this painting to my kids someday!

Alex Huckins, Bride

Book Courtney as soon as possible.

Courtney is very professional,  super sweet and a very talented artist. And the guests really love watching the art come to life in front of them!

erin brown, 
Annie brady events

My favorite part was the bride's reaction to you showing the finished painting.

— taylor mcneil

"Every detail about our experience with you was one-of-a-kind. 10/10 recommend live painting and 10000/10 recommend Courtney! 

It was the best decision I made!"

RSVP regrets to the ordinary with a tailored experience and custom piece rendered by your live  wedding painter, Courtney.

Let’s Create Your Heirloom.

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