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The Enchantment Collection is a reminder that sadness is temporary, and there is always something to find that makes you happy in the dark days.

Enchantment is an impressionist painterly style limited edition collection of only 12 paintings.  

fine art for a peaceful home and heart

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Before I began painting with watercolor, I worried I would never get it right.  Like, when I say I didn’t pick up a watercolor palette until March 2020, I’m not kidding.

It’s fickle as a medium because unlike acrylic and oil, there’s really no way to “fix” a mistake.

Now, as I’ve grown as an artist I’ve found some ways--and have had to because of kiddos who have grabby fingers and want to be artists too (laugh), but in the beginning I was TERRIFIED of it.

Now, as I look back that’s what I love most about watercolor. While it feels fickle, unpredictable, unknown, I know that with each stroke I’m creating something new and TOTALLY DIFFERENT because no two brushstrokes are ever the same.

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