a timeless and distinctive way to celebrate and remember the promise of a lifetime





that embraces

modern sensibilities


A signature five-star process both intentionally curated and thoughtfully planned, keeping your aesthetic, vision, and style as the top priority for every painting.

The Courtney Kibby Designs inquiry, booking, creation, and delivery process is easy and stress-free.  Courtney will help clarify your vision, choose the best size painting for you, and handle all the finer details herself.  Mark your once in a lifetime moment with a once in a lifetime painting.

Courtney has spent her entire life as an artist, and understands the dynamic artistry associated with creating the perfect wedding day.  Feel completely at ease knowing entrusting Courtney with your love story.  With her experience, expertise, and client trust, magic happens.

Bottom line: If you want it painted, Courtney will make it happen.

You were so lovely and kind and thoughtful and generous and patient and sweet. The list goes on but it was really wonderful to feel like you were genuinely excited for us and our wedding day – this is the type of energy a couple planning/ remembering their wedding should be surrounded by.

— Charis afan-williams, bride

“Hire Courtney and go big! The more space for beautiful brushstrokes and detail the better.”

My favorite part was watching the painting come to life throughout the night! It was so fun checking in every so often to see what new details had been added. I also love that we can pick out our moms and certain family members in the painting. I still can't get over how good the colors look, and how many details (like the cake spacer!) you were able to add. 


"After our first call I could tell you were super genuine and would do everything you could to make the painting perfect!"


oRIGINAL Artistry

A one-of-a-kind impressionist* painting using your vision, considers your overall aesthetic  and love story, painted with the highest quality materials so it lasts for generations

intentional planning

Courtney will help clarify your vision, choose the best size painting for you, and handle all the finer details herself.  Effortlessly creating your painting live takes a artist's eye, a small footprint, quick hands, and intentional preparation.

Unparalleled Expertise

Courtney's professionalism, flexibility, and experience allow her to capture your day while you enjoy your celebration.  Captivate your guests, and stop by for a peek at the heirloom you'll treasure for generations.

*layered brushstrokes, capturing light, movement, and feeling of your wedding day, while being authentic to the location, aesthetic, and vision of you and your wedding




Your love story, artfully captured.

They all raised their eyebrows when Courtney set up her easel at that first wedding, but then she started painting, and they couldn't get over seeing the bride and groom's love story come to life through watercolor.

And bonus, there weren't any phones in the painting.

your masterpiece awaits.

celebrate your LOVE with a live painting that captures the magic of your wedding day.

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It's an heirloom you'll share with your grandchildren.

That is exactly why this painting is so important.

And when it comes to telling your exquisite love story through watercolor, Courtney does it better than anyone else with an intentionally crafted high-touch process that takes your aesthetic and vision, and turns it into reality.

This is more than just a painting.

over 500 happy collectors
(and counting)

100+ weddings painted

3 (almost 4) cutie babies

hottie husband CFO + 2 dog assistants

millions of brushstrokes

fine art BY THE NUMBERS:



Every element, from capturing the dress details to the emotion and feeling of your day, of your painting is carefully composed.  Look back on your wedding day 20 years later, share it with your loved ones, and feel that it was timeless.

Over the years, Courtney has found that every celebration is different and comes with its own set of needs. For this reason, all quotes are made on an individual basis. Courtney creates custom proposals for clients based on what they want and need. Full service collections begin at $5,000, but contact Courtney for a more specific outline of your investment.

The quality of my work is guaranteed. If your clients don't see the work they want, I'll fix it.

Because, you could do the same thing everyone else is doing, hire the fine art photographer and videographer, get your wedding published in Over the Moon, and then leave your beautiful photos tucked away in a beautiful album, in a USB drive, or on your Instagram feed.

You get all of that AND work with an artist one-on-one to curate your entire wedding day into a one-of-a-kind original heirloom. A tangible heirloom that evokes the feelings of your wedding day, watch it painted live in front of you and your guests...

 ...then quickly receive, frame, and hang your painting, show it to your children and grandchildren,  and cherish it forever.


"Wow, this is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. You are amazing!"

Jose Villa, jose Villa Photography

LOVE NOTES you want to know about

"Every detail about our experience with you was one-of-a-kind. 10/10 recommend live painting and 10000/10 recommend Courtney! The best decision I made!"

Taylor McNeill, Bride

“Courtney is an incredible artist who is lovely to work with! She is a kind-hearted person who genuinely cares about creating the perfect piece for her clients. If you want a beautiful painting created by a true artist then commission a piece by CK Designs!”

Elizabeth Bedell, Bride

The way that the florals and the paintings worked together was like a dream! If you’re thinking of hiring a live painter (Courtney of course) you HAVE to do it!! When you see the finished product it will blow your mind!!

Cavender Green,
Behond floral design

I'm Courtney, your

live wedding painter.

A mom of almost 4 intent on being present and enjoying the simple moments,  giving me a keen eye and experience with a lot going on at once. 

My favorite part is seeing the look on your face when your love story becomes fine art.

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In case we haven't met yet,

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To respect your time (and mine) this contact form + discovery call will fast track if we're a fit live wedding painting or not — because when we are? Magic happens.

I only partner with a few couples a year on live painting experiences and tend to book out early. Fill out your contact form today.  The early bird gets the fresh glass of champagne, or something like that...

I'll treat your wedding like my own...

There may be a “cheaper” option but you absolutely get what you pay for and you can’t put a price on the peace of mind and professionalism Courtney brings.

— Jenny Morris, Bride

“100% worth it.  It was incredible how I shared my vision and she just took that and ran with it.



Everyone at the wedding loved the painting and I have gotten many compliments on how awesome it was, and I can't wait to show this painting to my kids someday!

— Alex Huckins, Bride

Book Courtney as soon as possible.



Courtney is very professional, super sweet and a very talented artist. And the guests really love watching the art come to life in front of them!

— erin brown,
 Annie brady events

My favorite part was the bride's reaction to you showing the finished painting.



do you want a live painter at your wedding?

Absolutely, you do.

If you feel drawn to an impressionist style and want a creative heirloom that will stand the test of time, Courtney Kibby would be honored to paint your wedding. 

Courtney takes on only  a few  clients a year at a first-come-first-served basis.  Inquire below.

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Courtney's got Waterloo, dogs, and a bottle of Veuve ready.