fine art rooted in tradition

Capture the essence of your story artfully with a luxurious tailor-fit fine art commission

You have an eye for treasures that weave together modern elegance with the quality of a well-loved heirloom.

You want a high-quality bespoke heirloom that works with your beautiful photos, one that you'll treasure for decades to come.

You want a painting that's not trying to be a photograph.

YOU'RE IN precisely the RIGHT PLACE.

If you're looking for:


A one-of-a-kind impressionist painting using your vision, painted with artist-grade watercolors on high quality paper so it lasts for generations

a seamless process

Courtney will help clarify your vision, choose the best size painting for you, and handle all the finer details myself.  You'll be well-loved from start to finish.

An Artist you can trust with your vision

Someone who knows your day is more than details -  it’s a celebration of your love story, honoring your marriage that will last a lifetime

Your story, artfully captured.

They all raised their eyebrows when Courtney set up her easel at that first wedding, but then she started painting, and they couldn't get over seeing the bride and groom's love story come to life through watercolor.

don't you want the royal treatment with a beautiful commissioned painting?

Let's create a painting of your love story that stands the test of time.

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Heirloom paintings created in a timeless impressionist style for couples looking to gather the light, tone, and mood ⁠— an intentional way to capture their wedding day, and she paints it just for you.

Connecting a well-loved impressionist traditional style with watercolor and modern elegance, your fine art live wedding painting conveys constant love of your wedding day, an intentional reminder of the love for years to come.

seriously, this is pretty special



My favorite part was receiving the paintings! Everything from the thoughtful note to the gorgeous packing was so special and I could see how much care had been taken.

 It was just wonderful to open up the envelope and find some beautiful special memories committed to paper and so stunningly interpreted, and when I realized you had merged our very cherished dog from another image into the one you painted so that nothing was missing. We really feel like you captured the feeling of the day, the tones and the dreamy quality. We adore art and to have pieces that actually feature one of our most important days is just amazing.

— Charis afan-williams

After our first call I could tell you were super genuine and would do everything you could to make the painting perfect! 

My favorite part was watching the painting come to life throughout the night! It was so fun checking in every so often to see what new details had been added. I also love that we can pick out our moms and certain family members in the painting. I still can't get over how good the colors look, and how many details (like the cake spacer!) you were able to add. 

— Morgan Pearson

"Courtney is the perfect combination of professionalism, kindness, creativity and entertainment." 

She arrives on time, comes with her own setup and will be as interactive or tucked away as you would like. She creates amazing, detailed pieces that can be hung in your home for many years to come. At the last wedding we had with Courtney, she had little girls lining up to watch her paint and ask her questions!

— suzanne klimek
private events manager at civic center music hall

"Courtney is absolutely so sweet and her work is incredible! Watching in real time is such a unique experience!" 

 Definitely recommend working with Courtney! Such a talented vendor who creates timeless keepsakes with her exquisite art skills. She is also so kind and generous! 

— Meghan Christopher
Meg rose photography

So if you want a timeless heirloom you'll treasure for generations to come, a beautiful piece of fine art that tells your love story...

THEN a commissioned painting IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

Walk away with a one-of-a-kind fine art experience where southern hospitality meets time-honored tradition with a live artist who understand your vision and brings it to life beautifully.


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seamless process

custom proposal

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Hang your one-of-a-kind fine art masterpiece and admire your commissioned painting that will last a lifetime.

Every commission is unique, so proposals are tailored to suit your unique needs, aesthetic, emphasize the design elements you treasure and are most excited about. Signature commission collections begin at $1,000.

Courtney takes care to capture the perfect moment.  Courtney manages all the logistics—composition, materials, draft sketches, digital sketch, revisions, and final product—and shares behind the scenes looks with you.

We'll set up a meeting and chat about your wedding – all the details, your unique love story, and your vision for the painting. 

And yes, these prices are higher than what you'll find on Etsy.

courtney creates custom proposals based on what you want and need, but is also for wise stewardship.  

You'll be spending that money on something — Starbucks, exquisite dinners — wouldn't it be better to spend it on something that you will actually treasure for a lifetime?

Over the years, Courtney has found that every commission is different and comes with its own set of needs. For this reason, all quotes are made on an individual basis. Full service collections begin at $1,000, but contact Courtney for a more specific outline of your investment.

Because, you could do the same thing everyone else is doing — print out your beautiful photos, maybe a few go on your wall and the rest go in an album tucked away on your shelf for safe keeping...

You can do that AND work with an artist one-on-one to intentionally create a one-of-a-kind original heirloom of the feeling using your photos and video as inspirational reference,  then frame your painting and cherish it forever.

courtney is standing by, ready to help.


I'm Courtney, your


I help you capture your day beautifully so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the most important day of your life.  My favorite part is seeing the look on your face when your love story becomes fine art.

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To respect your time (and mine) this contact form + discovery call will fast track if we're a fit or not — because when we are? Magic happens.

I only partner with a few commissions a year and tend to book out early.  I reserve the first commission spots for previous clients. Fill out your contact form today.  The early bird gets the fresh glass of champagne, or something like that...

I'll treat your painting like my own...

do you want a commission of your wedding?

Absolutely, you do.

If you feel drawn to an impressionist style and want a creative heirloom that will stand the test of time, Courtney Kibby would be honored to paint your wedding. 

Courtney takes on only  a few  clients a year at a first-come-first-served basis.  Inquire below.

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