You were so lovely and kind and thoughtful and generous and patient and sweet. The list goes on but it was really wonderful to feel like you were genuinely excited for us and our wedding day – this is the type of energy a couple planning/ remembering their wedding should be surrounded by.

 It was just wonderful to find beautiful special memories committed to paper and so stunningly interpreted.  We really feel like you captured the feeling of the day, the tones and the dreamy quality. We adore art and to have pieces that actually feature one of our most important days is just amazing.

— charis afan-williams

After our first call I could tell you were super genuine and would do everything you could to make the painting perfect! 

My favorite part was watching the painting come to life throughout the night! It was so fun checking in every so often to see what new details had been added. I also love that we can pick out our moms and certain family members in the painting. I still can't get over how good the colors look, and how many details (like the cake spacer!) you were able to add. 

— Morgan Pearson

"Courtney is the perfect combination of professionalism, kindness, creativity and entertainment." 

She arrives on time, comes with her own setup and will be as interactive or tucked away as you would like. She creates amazing, detailed pieces that can be hung in your home for many years to come. At the last wedding we had with Courtney, she had little girls lining up to watch her paint and ask her questions!

— suzanne klimek
private events manager at civic center music hall

It's fun to invest in a forever piece for your home, and it’s entertaining for your guests!  I can't believe I get to keep the painting forever, my children will get to see it and it will be part of their family home!!

- Avery Geer, bride


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