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CAPTURE the                 of your wedding day ARTFULLY          TIMELESSLY



Experience the magic of                         :
 capture the              of your love story
you can treasure for                       .

Slow brushstrokes against the highest quality watercolor paper, an elegant impressionist style, art that becomes an heirloom and lasts forever... a magical process both beautiful and intentionally captured that helps you pause, and reflect on your beautiful day and the magic to come.

live painting


 capture the feeling of your love story you can treasure for generations.

Experience live painting:


Everything was so special and I could see how much care had been taken. It was just wonderful to open up the envelope and find some beautiful special memories committed to paper and so stunningly interpreted. We really feel like you captured the feeling of the day, the tones and the dreamy quality. We adore art and to have pieces that actually feature one of our most important days is just amazing.  So many visitors have admired our paintings and I think because in the UK it is more unusual to have a wedding painter people have reacted with such surprised joy!

- charis afan-williams

"Every detail about our experience with you was one-of-a-kind. 10/10 recommend live painting and 10000/10 recommend Courtney! The best decision I made! Still obsessing over it! Absolutely beautiful and loving that I get to admire it right away! It’s my most prized piece of art I’ve ever owned and probably will ever own!”

- Taylor mcneil

Hire Courtney today!! You deserve to have your incredible day memorialized in such a gorgeous manner. There is nothing like artwork. Courtney paints with romantic colors, elegant artistry, and true-to-life moments that will deserve a place on your wall. The selections she paints from your day are often the ones that are the most meaningful…your first dance, at the altar, or a quiet moment between you two. To see your story in soft and ethereal watercolor will bring you great joy!  

After our first call, I could tell Courtney was super genuine and would do everything she could to make the perfect painting!

The painting is one of the things I got the most compliments on!  Most of our guests had never heard of or seen something like that and they thought it was the most unique thing and an incredible way to capture our day,

- morgan pearson

 If you are looking for a creative and lasting way to capture your big day, you cannot go wrong with Courtney Kibby Designs. She is very collaborative and will highlight the moment of your choosing. Plus, you get the ‘Wow’ factor of the final reveal of the painting. You will not be disappointed!

- Suzanne Klimek, Private Events Manager Civic Center Music Hall

accolades from delighted clients


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From a simple moment, Courtney weaves your story together with watercolor and captures the essence of your day into an heirloom painting.

Using only the finest materials and a deeply curated process — incorporating storytelling, thoughtful details and meaningful emotions — Courtney paints your wedding day into a masterpiece your guests are thrilled to watch and you'll treasure forever,  an heirloom you'll share with your grandchildren.

And she does
 it live in front of you and your guests.

The gift of live painting helps your guests slow down, enjoy the moment, and connect with one another and your love story.

ART THAT           HOW 

A romantic and timeless objet d'Art in Courtney's signature impressionist style, infused with the essence and feeling of the moment.




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