Personalize your Wedding: Nine Lovely Weddings that Should Have a Painting

Wait, personalize your wedding in the same place as a Ted Lasso reference? Absolutely, yes. Are you sick of my Ted Lasso references yet?  Ted and Coach Beard enter the locker room of AFC Richmond for the first time … Anyone who’s ever been in a locker room knows it’s stinky as all get out — […]


FEATURED on Kelly Karli Weddings and Events Blog

Kelly Karli of Kelly Karli Weddings and Events is an expert wedding planner based in Vail, Colorado, serving Colorado and destinations worldwide. This Colorado Wedding planner knows ALL THE DETAILS about making your day personalized and how to do it in the mountains. As a not only incredibly talented designer, this resident of Vail understands […]

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Emily in Paris IRL — Paris + Destination Photographer Courtney Bowlden

While Julien does NOT appreciate the assists from Emily Cooper… In season 3 of Emily in Paris she makes it abundantly clear that she believes good work happens with a team. She gives up her own ideas for the sake of others— just to ensure their success. As I was looking back on insights (literally, […]


Picasso, the Million Dollar Napkin, and Live Event Painting

I get asked a lot, “But HOW do you paint it so fast!? And make it look so easy?” And this is an answer I’ll be diving into this week, so for part 1, let’s chat about the deep work involved by using a Picasso story as example. The story goes like this: Picasso was […]


Taylor Swift and Fine Art

It’s no secret Taylor Swift is one of the most dynamic music sensations of all time. She even just recently became the FIRST artist to knock everyone else off the Billboard Top 10 with her latest release, Midnights. So, when T-Swift fans went into battle yesterday for tickets and Ticketmaster couldn’t take the heat, what […]


THE BEST CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS, in my humble opinion…

“BUT I DON’T WANT THAT.” Let’s back up. 7 year old Courtney loved Barbies, American Girl dolls, board games, card games (not Old Maid — a story for another time), Disney princesses and reading. 7 year old Courtney did NOT like the idea of getting a CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT instead of a TOY. (Seriously, Mom?) We […]


3 Deeply Intentional Ways to Honor Your Wedding Day

“Everything was so special and I could see how much care had been taken. It was just wonderful to open up the envelope and find some beautiful special memories committed to paper and so stunningly interpreted. We really feel like you captured the feeling of the day, the tones and the dreamy quality. We adore […]

Kate Upton wedding, photography by KT Merry, iconic wedding dress by Valentino


KT Merry — The Most Influential People of 2022: What I’ve Learned from Her (and YOU CAN TOO)

This post may contain affiliate links, but I only share what I 100% love and use myself. While I don’t think we *need* another Taylor Swift mention this week… I’m going to do it anyway. T. Swift announced “Midnights” drops Oct. 21.  Also can I pretty please have whatever coffee she’s drinking bc it’s her […]


Home on The Range: A Ralph Lauren inspired editorial both Downton Abbey-chic and Kentucky Derby-classic 

YOU MAY ALSO LIKE WHY LIVE WEDDING PAINTING CHANGES EVERYTHING… FEATURED ON GREEN WEDDING SHOES COUTURE INSPIRED This Ralph Lauren couture-inspired editorial shoot at The Range in Stillwater, Oklahoma is intentional, charming, and fashion-forward, with neutral-hued florals and picturesque bright green pastures in the background. This well-styled editorial is sure to inspire with bespoke details […]


This Lavish Ceremony Venue is Actually the Groom’s Childhood Backyard!

All photography in this post is by Holly Felts Photography YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED IN THE MOST ICONIC GOWNS I’VE PAINTED… BESPOKE DETAILS This wedding in Tulsa that started at a private residence and culminated with a gorgeous reception at Southern Hills Golf and Country Club is timeless in its charm and elegant with […]





An awe-striking guest-experience unlike anything else in the wedding industry tied with a stunning heirloom to be treasured for generations