30 things I learned in my 30th year


April 30, 2021

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Remember when all you wanted was to be a grown up?! Just me?

Well, I always wanted to be a grown up.  And here I am at 31 (today, actually), and just realizing, I still don’t FEEL like a grown up.


Yet here I am 3 kiddos later and my palms STILL get sweaty when I have to call the doctor’s office!

Pictured here clearly making my twin sister do the calling…

In this blog I’m sharing 30 things I learned (and am still learning/have been reinforced!) in my 30th year…

Some of these make me feel like a grown up, but a lot of them I’ve refocused on by slowing down and being intentional.

And to be clear, I’m still a work in progress, and that’s okay…


Here’s my list—it’s short and sweet because I know I can be a long-winded writer …

  1. Prioritize rest

  2. Go to church (obviously, not something I learned in my 30th year, but with the closing of churches because of covid, I definitely realized the importance!)

  3. Read my bible daily (or almost daily) 

  4. Get up early *if you can* 

  5. If you can’t because little ones keep getting up with you no matter how early you wake up (i.e. 4 am to be alone…) then let it go and get some extra Zzzzzzzs…

  6. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are a perfectly acceptable lunch… or breakfast… or snack… or dinner… (one of my kids’ favorite foods obviously!)

  7. ^same with Macaroni and Cheese

  8. COFFEE. Wait, what was the question? Oh, yes I should be drinking more water, but yes, always coffee.

  9. Make time for reading ALL KINDS OF BOOKS. (working on my booklist for you!!)

  10. Get outside.

  11. Do creative things.

  12. The floor can be messy–you live in your home.  Let’s normalize that!

  13. Stop and smell the flowers. 

  14. Pet the dogs.

  15. Play pretend with the kids–they’re only little once.

  16. If your toddler pours paint all over the floor, some paintings, and paper, just laugh.

  17. If your toddler puts lipstick all over her face, just laugh.

  18. Basically, just laugh. (I’m still working on this, but getting better!)

  19. Being an adult is hard.

  20. Look at yourself the way God looks at you. (Try it—go look in the mirror and remind yourself you’re God’s child.)

  21. You aren’t enough on your own, but God makes you sufficient for His purposes.

  22. Board games are AMAZING.

  23. Technology is overrated.

  24. Everyone is going through something–so be quick to give grace.

  25. Love others unconditionally—yep, everyone.

  26. Work from a place of REST, not HUSTLE. (Thanks Ashlyn for that amazing nugget of wisdom that’s now posted in my dining room studio!)

  27. Wear the leggings.

  28. Or get dressed and  be fancy—it really doesn’t matter. Do what feels good.

  29. The more you practice something, the better you get.

  30. If something doesn’t start out perfectly, that’s okay.  Keep trying, keep going, keep working.  You’ve got this.

There you have it—30 things I learned or were reinforced in my 30th year. I don’t feel old or anything…


Here’s to 31! 🙂

What’s something you’ve learned this year? Tell me in the comments.

And maybe a 31st thing I’ve learned because I’m 31 today—art MATTERS because we were created by the MOST CREATIVE Creator.

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