15 beautiful and heartfelt Mother’s Day gift ideas


May 1, 2021

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If I had could have a million dollars or a really long nap on Mother’s Day, do you know what I would choose?

The nap.

I’m a little bit kidding, but mostly serious because MAMA NEEDS SOME SLEEP, Y’ALL! It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve slept through the night.

So? This mama needs a nap.

But you know what else mamas like? Jewelry. Flowers. Pretty things. Things that makes you feel loved and cared for, and most importantly NOTICED.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (1).jpg

So in today’s blog post, I’m sharing a roundup of 20 gift ideas (10 from my shop, 10 from elsewhere) to give to your mama for Mother’s Day.

And at the very least, download this free print and give her this flower printable (and it’s an image file, so you can even have it printed on a card at Walgreens!), and write her a note telling her how much you love her, appreciate her, and notice what she does for the family. (Husbands—same for you with your wives and your own mamas!)


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  1. This adorable Mama necklace (that I actually got for myself and my sister, plus they have personalization options so the grands got Mimi, Nanny, and my sister-in-law got Dodie (her aunt name!)

  2. These earrings in my shop (multiple colors available!)

  3. These gorgeous earrings from Clay 31 Co

  4. This necklace from Madewell

  5. These earrings from Loft


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  1. One of these gorgeous prints from Evergreen and Aspen

  2. A landscape or floral painting from my shop

  3. A landscape or floral print (safely ready to ship in the shop)

  4. A painting or print from Bambi Granger Studios

  5. A beautiful painting or print from Holly Carton


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  1. These cutie playing cards

  2. This pink landscape puzzle

  3. This mountain landscape puzzle

  4. A gift card!

  5. A coupon book — examples here

So many options—get that Mother’s Day shopping on and treat that mama in your life (or YOURSELF!)


And at the VERY LEAST—download this print (and you can even print it on a greeting card at Walgreens) for your mama and write her a special note.

ANd if you’re a mama—whether you work, or stay home, whether you breastfeed or formula feed, whether you sleep train or cosleep, whether your favorite color is blue or orange, you’re doing amazing. You’re a rockstar. And I SEE YOU! Happy Mother’s Day Mama.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.jpg

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