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April 2, 2022

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I create timeless heirloom paintings for couples looking for an original and intentional way to capture their wedding day, and I do it live.

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Last October because of KT Merry, I met one of my dearest online friends – 

fine art photographer Jenna Wren.

It all started when I shared that no, I was not a photographer in this group for photographers, I was a live wedding painter, but I was very excited to learn WITH this outstanding group of entrepreneurs!

Jenna popped into the comments – about wanting to know a live wedding painter for her clients! Truly friends, this was one of the most exciting moments for me as an entrepreneur.

Because of that ONE comment Jenna made – she lovingly welcomed me into her community.  We’ve exchanged countless messages, voice messages (we’re both mamas and understand that talking into the microphone is SO MUCH EASIER than staring at a screen to send a text), and Zoom meetings which feels oh-so-2020 but makes sense because she’s in Colorado and I’m here in Oklahoma.

So? I wanted to share ALL ABOUT JENNA because she is an amazing photographer for romantic couples in love. She captures romance perfectly.

In this post, you’ll learn all about Jenna Wren Photography –  a service-minded Colorado wedding photographer and entrepreneur who gives back and wants to make the world a better place.

I mean really, could you ask for more in a photographer?!

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Jenna Wren is the CEO and lead photographer for Jenna Wren Photography, based in Colorado, Texas, and worldwide. 

My favorite moment(s) to capture are the moments no one else notices.  The in-between moments are what always stand out to me the most.  They are so full of emotion, and they are often the tangible moments that leap out at us from the frame.

Jenna Wren, Jenna Wren Photography

She creates beautiful images with masterful composition for couples who want to remember the romance of their wedding day though artful imagery.

As a whole, I absolutely love the opportunity to share my client’s story through breathtaking imagery.  I am always searching for ways to tell the whole story of your connection, your day, and your love.  Moments with your family and friends, quiet reflections in the bridal suite, gorgeous details that you hand selected…all of it matters to me and pulls each piece of the visual puzzle together to share your day.  I serve fashion-forward, joyful romantics who just can’t get enough of each other. The in-between moments, elevated designs, and fashion-inspired photographs masterfully posed and choreographed for your love story, your experience, and your aesthetic.  

Jenna Wren, Jenna Wren Photography

She works tirelessly to create the perfect set of images for each couple, ensuring they receive exactly what they want – frame-worthy photographs that show how magical and romantic their wedding day was.

In an interview with Shout Out Colorado, Jenna says, “I am a fine art wedding photographer, which to me means I pursue both the artistry of my brand and the success of a well balanced business as a wedding photographer. The fine art approach is quite a vague concept, but at the core of my business I see the fine art approach as an intentionally curated approach to my clients’ wedding day imagery.”

I am inspired most by movement and travel.  I love watching the way the breeze blows leaves, the way light dances off the wall, the way a couple walks and interacts.  Even though I am capturing time and freezing the moment, I love watching for just the right movement to hold in my portraits.  Travel is a deep part of what brings me joy, inspiration, and life.  I love experiencing new foods, new cultures, new vistas and revisiting the same spots that have held my memories.  Traveling takes me outside of myself much like a wedding day, and I am often inspired by the experiences I’ve had in my travels in the approach I take with artistry.  

Jenna Wren, Jenna Wren Photography


Jenna not only creates beautiful images, she supports VOW for Girls – an organization dedicated to ending child marriage.

A photographer dedicated to leaving the world better than she found it, Jenna supports the organization by sending VOW for Girls a portion of the profit for every portrait and wedding client.

I know from an early age, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world.  I wasn’t certain how as I entered college, so I found my way into English education.  I fell in love with teaching and shaping these incredible teens’ lives, yet I also wanted to build on my artistry.  At the time I was also photographing weddings, couples, love stories on the side and loving every minute of it.  I left teaching to build my wedding photography business, which was amazing and so fun.  Yet I lost the part of me that was service-minded in the grandeur scheme of making a tangible difference.  I loved serving my clients, and I knew I was important in their lives.  However I wanted to build a business based on philanthropy, altruism, and tangible approaches to giving back.  It is the core of everything I do now with Jenna Wren Photography as a brand and business.  We give a portion of all of our profits to Vow for Girls which is a New York based non-profit centered around ending child marriage.  Their mantra of #loveisourbusiness is at the center of their work as they partner with wedding industry professionals across the world to end child marriage and give women and girls incredible opportunities.  I have been with VOW since the summer of 2020, and I am excited to be heading to NYC in early April 2022 to support their fundraising endeavors alongside other wedding pros.  Vow is an amazing non-profit, and I highly recommend joining their cause!

Jenna Wren, Jenna Wren Photography

You can feel good about hiring Jenna as your photographer.  Jenna isn’t just a *good photographer* – she stewards her role well and does good with what she’s been given.


Jenna is another fellow English nerd like myself.  She even created an entire styled shoot editorial storyline featured on Magnolia Rouge around letter writing. It’s magical and you should go check it out if you personally LOVE sending and receiving real time letters in snail mail. (HI It’s me)

 We bonded over this mutual love for words, and I’m so excited to share that Jenna is starting her own copywriting business for creative entrepreneurs and wedding professionals!  

Jenna loves poetry.  She told me herfavorite poems are from e.e.cummings, and one of her favorite reads this last year was Greenlights by Matthew Mcconaughey.<<I know I’ll be adding this one to my library list!

Yes! This has been a little venture of mine for quite some time, and I am thrilled to share the official launch of Jenna Wren Writes in April 2022.  I love being able to support wedding professionals (often very dear friends of mine!)

Jenna Wren, Jenna Wren Photography

A lover of words, Jenna crafts copy that tells YOUR story in YOUR brand voice – which is pretty amazing when you know how much work it is to craft copy in general.  This new endeavor opens in April of 2022 – so get on her  waitlist NOW so you don’t miss all the good things she has coming down the pipeline!


I asked Jenna what was the most important thing to look for in a photographer:

Fabulous question! My thoughts might be a little different from what you’re immediately considering, yet I truly believe this is the key to your wedding being gorgeous.  There are so many phenomenal photographers out there and the talent has never been more diverse.  However, I think the most important thing to look for in a photographer is a connection.   Connection with your photography team is vital.  We are in your most intimate moments throughout your wedding day, and we are asking you to feel your complete self in front of our lens.  I believe that you truly must have chemistry with your photographer both in personality and in values.  My approach, personality, guidance, and technique are all essential elements to strengthen the connection I have with my clients.  If we don’t have a good connection then the day won’t feel the same for them.

Jenna Wren, Jenna Wren Photography

As a wife of over a decade, Jenna has the unique position to guide her couples in having memorable photography, but also in how they begin their marriage.

When asked what advice Jenna had for romantic couples in love she says:

I know this sounds wild, but Steve and I have been married for 14 years as of April 5th.  I still love that man just like on our wedding day.  Yet it has not always been easy.  Romance just like anything else in our lives has to be encouraged to thrive within ourselves.  As a married couple, you will face beautiful heights and difficult lows.  Romance isn’t what keeps you strong.  It is love.  Love that is foundational for the both of you.  Romance is the icing on top.  To strengthen your love and create a vibrant romance, you have to put one another first.  If you are struggling, seek help.  If you are missing time together, plan a date. If you are distracted, create an uninterrupted space.  Most of all, communicate through everything.  Even when it is intensely hard or incredibly easy.  Romance isn’t just butterflies and champagne kisses.  It is a deep love that connects you two like no one else and brings you immense joy over the years.  Make sure love is your foundation and everything else will fall into place.  

Jenna wren

There you have it – Jenna Wren is an amazing photographer in Colorado, Texas, and worldwide, and you can feel good about hiring her because she’s creates masterful fine art imagery and strives to leave the world better than she found it.

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Now you know ALL ABOUT Colorado wedding Photographer JENNA WREN PHOTOGRAPHY, and why you need her to be your wedding photographer —

what about live wedding painting? How does it go along with fine art photography?

Hire her today!! You deserve to have your incredible day memorialized in such a gorgeous manner.  There is nothing like artwork.  Courtney paints with romantic colors, elegant artistry, and true-to-life moments that will deserve a place on your wall.  The selections she paints from your day are often the ones that are the most meaningful…your first dance, at the altar, or a quiet moment between you two.  To see your story in soft and ethereal watercolor will bring you great joy!  

Jenna Wren, Jenna Wren Photography

I’ve got *Live Wedding Painting Changes Everything* teed up for you next to help you with that.

Bringing your wedding day to life, thrilling your guests with a show-stopping live wedding painting experience, and creating a timeless keepsake that honors your sacred bond and will warm your heart every time you look at it – it’s what I do best.

Hey, I'm Courtney.

From behind the easel, I serve timeless brides who still embrace the unexpected by creating heirloom painting experiences that are immersive, one-of-a-kind, and thrilling to watch.

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