Regé-Jean Page leaving Netflix’s Bridgerton!? Here’s 5 lessons we learned in season 1 about love and art (Lady Whistledown approved)


April 3, 2021

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It’s happening.

My binge-watching of Netflix is showing… but who am I kidding… there’s no shame in it!

Well, there I was just scrolling through Instagram and what do I see? 

A DEVASTATING announcement from Lady Whistledown. RegéJean Page will not be returning as Simon, the Duke of Hastings for season 2 of Bridgerton.

SO, as write this in the British accent in my head, directly on the cusp of finding out that RegéJean Page will not be returning to Netflix’s Bridgerton for season 2 (cue literally the gasp moment and maybe a couple tears), I thought of some lessons we learned so far from Bridgerton about love and art.

Let’s hop to it because today I’m explaining 5 lessons we learned from Bridgerton about love, life and art.

Lady Whistledown would definitely approve…



Let’s chat about the amount of work and pure POISE that went into Queen Charlotte telling Daphne she was flawless.  OMG–literally the entire beginning of the SHOW leads up to this.


What does this have to do with art? I’ll tell you.

If we only see the finished product (i.e. Daphne’s curtsy/bow and Queen Charlotte’s “flawless” quote”) we have no IDEA the insane amount of work that went into it.  Art is JUST THE SAME.  Part of falling in love with art is seeing the process (probably why I share a lot of process videos!).  There’s so much to fall in love with when we dig a little deeper into the backstory.



Again–it’s all about the backstory! Bridgerton’s Daphne and Simon love each other–clearly.  BUT they both (eh hem, Simon) have a hard time telling each other in the beginning.

Want me to relate that back to art again? Sometimes we fall HEAD OVER HEELS for a painting–but it’s expensive, it’s far away, it’s SCARY–and we don’t take the plunge.  Simon’s lucky that in his case, Daphne didn’t end up with the Prince, and while that would’ve made for a much different season of Bridgerton, it’s a good picture of how ART WON’T STAY AVAILABLE FOREVER.  

Note to self: if you see something you love and can’t stop thinking about it, you probably should find a way to get it.  If you’re still not sure, click here where I give some tips about how we budget to make room for things we love.



This one’s for my artist brothers and sisters for sure (but applies to everyone!).  Just like Lady Bridgerton says, “Everyone seems to have quite an opinion.” 

Daphne goes through some serious self-doubt, and I HATE THAT FOR HER.  And as an artist, I can totally identify with it.  As a mom, as a person, as a wife–you name it.  We’ve all been there. 

Everyone has an opinion on EVERYTHING.  If you ask me, sometimes it gets a little old. BUT the point here is that everyone has an opinion–that’s not going away anytime soon. SO we get to choose who we listen to.  We can listen and be RESPECTFUL of opinions (everyone is allowed to have them even if you disagree BTW) and still know that your work is amazing.  STAND IN YOUR GREATNESS MY FRIEND!!



NOPE! Don’t move on.

Can we just pause for a hot minute and remember that some SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS centered around art?! Daphne and Simon’s brief hand touch while gazing longingly at a painting.  The moment they ARE PAINTED. The reveal of the painting at their party. It’s ALL THERE.

Clearly–art was important then and it’s important NOW.  BTW–did you know I paint live events?! Click here to find out more (and book your spot ASAP as spots are limited)


And last but certainly not least (as I’m sure I’ll be adding to this after I binge the season again because I am NOT READY for RegéJean Page to exit Bridgerton forever), sometimes we just have to get SASSY and make a statement.


Daphne, at a fight with the Prince, wants to get Simon’s attention. She’s with the prince, but clearly swooning over Simon (duh). So what does she do? Probably what we all do from time to time—we get SASSY.

That goes for us as people, and in our homes. 

Who cares about the messy floor? It’ll be messy for the next 18 years unless your kids are master picker-uppers and never play with anything (PS mine are making a mess now as we speak and it’s FINE!).

What matters is making the HOME you dream of—a safe space you love that feels RESTFUL even if your floors are stupid messy like mine—make a statement and freshen your walls with beautiful original art that makes a statement.  You deserve it.


Like I said, Bridgerton taught us so much, and while my British accent is fading, and RegéJean Page is leaving the show (devastating, if you ask me), I’m excited for season 2 because if anyone can make it worth our while It’s Shonda Rhimes you know my deep love for Grey’s Anatomy!).

Let’s get you started on the art collection you burn for.  Yep, I said it.

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