4 quick tips to styling artwork in your home (and why you should move that mirror over your fireplace ASAP!)

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April 22, 2021

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I never thought it was possible but, okayyyyy I’m a hustler.

OMG NO–not that way…

live wedding painter courtney kibby designs playing tennis

I grew up playing tennis and vividly remember my dad telling me to “hustle” on the court.  In practice, I hateeedddd running around with a passion, but in a match? I could run from the baseline to the net quicker than [my dad] could imagine! (Crazy, considering I hated running, still hate it, told the cross country coach in high school no way to joining the team, but also coincidentally married a runner and our first “dates” were running HA!)

Anyway, I’m seeing this hustle coming along in my own life—I literally never stop.  Maybe it’s the anxiety? Who knows! BUT—I’m really working on less hustle, more rest, and it’s tough.

And you know what?! It got me thinking–decorating your home can feel like a never ending hustle.  All those tips and tricks in the latest Magnolia Journal or Southern Living?! I want to organize my pantry with beautiful baskets, chuck everything in my closet, update my wall color, paint the cabinetry, tap the Roomba to sweep the floor (priorities, y’all) and deep clean MY ENTIRE HOUSE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, and I want to do it all NOW.  

Reminds me of the saying, “Do you ever clean your house everyday and still have to clean it everyday?” 

That is part of the hustle, friends. And it’s a real thing.

It’s real life, and that “hustle” can feel EXHAUSTING—that “I can’t even  sit down and enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee snuggled up on my couch with my morning read because I feel the need to clean my entire house ~just in case~ someone *might* pop over unannounced” hustle that never really goes away, for me at least.


Decorating your home (and keeping it somewhat presentable to guests) doesn’t have to feel like a constant hustle.

“The often unseen and unsung ways we spend our time are what form us.”

—Tish Harrison Warren in Liturgy of the Ordinary

In this blog post (part 3 of a 3 part series)t I’m giving you 4 quick tips to styling artwork (and other things) in your home, so you can ditch that overwhelming hustle and find peace in the everyday.

**edited to say this started out as 10 tips, but I dove a little deeper than I intended and honestly ran out of time, but done is better than perfect so I’ll add to this with the next 6 ASAP!



Sounds silly, and it’s one of the first things I remember my mother asking me when we were about to leave for school (to which my answer was always a resounding NO!).  Secret time? If I didn’t make my bed, my sister would! *GASP* 

I grew up thinking it didn’t actually matter, and even heard a study from the Today Show that said not to make your bed first thing in the morning because of dust mites.

I’m giving some serious side-eye right here…

Well, ENTER QUARANTINE 2020, and my level of overwhelm went off the charts.  Making my bed everyday was ONE THING I could control, and most days, I did, even if it was just to pull the covers up.

**I’ve done this tons of ways—from no flat sheet where my only job is to pull up the comforter to all the bells and whistles and like 203893 pillows. There’s no wrong way to make your bed, there’s no wrong time to make your bed, but make it.  

And honestly? Making your bed brings your attention to the beautiful things in your room (like ahem, artwork), and not the disheveled mess that was your unmade bed…


Not my bedroom, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was!?


I know I know, I’m an artist, so of COURSE I think art can go anywhere.  BUT—it actually can.  

On the wall? Check

On a bookshelf? Check

Sidetable? Check

Kitchen? Check *

Bathroom? Check*

*Ninja tip: for the kitchen or bathroom, be sure your art is covered in glass.

And I honestly can’t believe I’m sharing this with you, but “art” doesn’t have to just be “fine art.” In my humble opinion, it SHOULD, but that’s another point for another day… click here to read more about WHY you should have fine art in your home.

Wanna know what “artwork” I have in my kitchen?

1. A print from my Solace of Open Spaces collection

2. My kids art on a bulletin board (and the fridge!)

3. wedding tea towels from Anthropologie that I framed

Point being? Art can go anywhere. Seriously.


Are you a collector of photos and frames like I am? I cannot get rid of pictures. I LOVE THEM. I’m super picky about which ones I put up, but as my kiddos have gotten older, I’m now even more attached to these precious photos.

Solution? Layer the photos/art.

This would work really well on a bookshelf or long floating shelf, but it’s a great way to use what you have that you already love, and not make a ton of more work for yourself.

Here’s a photo for reference:


**Let me note here that I am not a decorator—I love beautiful things. so is this a picture perfect bookshelf? No, but my kids helped me put it together, it shows how our family has grown, and shares some of my own artwork with artwork of one of my best artist friends, so how could I NOT share it!?

It’s simple. It can be done with matching frames or not.  One of my mottos is keep it simple sweetheart. This lets your shelf be simple, while still sharing those sweet memories you love.


I’ll probably get some slack for this UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT—I know you’ve seen it, and if this is over your fireplace, I’m sorry but I’m respectfully calling you out!

What is the thing you see in that mirror? 

Drumroll please…

(possible answers: the ceiling, the ceiling fan, beautiful molding, a super 70s style popcorn ceiling, etc.)

Mirrors have AMAZING capabilities. They make rooms appear bigger than they actually are.  They CAN reflect gorgeous colors you’ve chosen to make your home feel warm and cozy.

Why on earth would you put your mirror over the fireplace to share your ceiling?! 

I know I know, it SOUNDS like a great idea. It even looks lovely until you see what’s being reflected. I’ve seen it in the magazines too, but I’m calling a big fat audible on this one because you’re doing a disservice to your beautiful home.  

I read in Liturgy for the Ordinary (and agree myself) that when we look in the mirror, we should remind ourselves that we are seeing God’s beautiful child, God’s beautiful creation. (Ps—that’s you—and loving our bodies and treating them kindly and with care is part of worship, so just a loving reminder today YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY MADE!)…

As someone who avoided mirrors for a loooong time out of anxiety… I think that’s a pretty lovely use of a mirror.

Do you think the ceiling fan needs that reminder? ‍♀️

I dunno, maybe yours is feeling a little off today and needs it…

You know what COULD go over your fireplace?

1. Family photo

2. Beautiful fine art

3. Some sort of staple piece

4. Nothing (a little bit of a joke, but also TRY IT—you may find you love that ultra clean look)


My vote is obviously for beautiful fine art… and THE RENEWAL COLLECTION launches May 4 (earlier for subscribers) so sign up here to get early access!

In this blog we talked about 4 quick tips for styling artwork (among other things) in your home.

So what’s next for you? Ready to get that artwork? Click here to see available works.

In a pickle and not sure where to start? Here’s a free print to get your fine art collection started.


Bringing your wedding day to life, thrilling your guests with a show-stopping live wedding painting experience, and creating a timeless keepsake that honors your sacred bond and will warm your heart every time you look at it – it’s what I do best.

Hey, I'm Courtney.

From behind the easel, I serve timeless brides who still embrace the unexpected by creating heirloom painting experiences that are immersive, one-of-a-kind, and thrilling to watch.

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