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November 16, 2022

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It’s no secret Taylor Swift is one of the most dynamic music sensations of all time. She even just recently became the FIRST artist to knock everyone else off the Billboard Top 10 with her latest release, Midnights.

So, when T-Swift fans went into battle yesterday for tickets and Ticketmaster couldn’t take the heat, what became historically unprecedented demand seems a little *trite* when you think about how Taylor Swift is the heroine of millennials, and she hadn’t had a concert in over FOUR years…

Thanks a LOT Pandemic.

But here’s what’s the most interesting thing about this ENTIRE SITUATION:

Taylor Swift and Fine Art Experiences have a LOT in common. In this blog post, I’m sharing how. Let’s go…

The Taylor Swift Nostalgia

After waiting 4 years for a tour and left to listen to Taylor Swift’s recent albums at home (God forbid) —

Swifties broke the freaking internet and while Ticketmaster feigns surprise, it’s no surprise here because the *ERAS* tour is selling NOSTALGIA.

not only do you get to see Taylor in concert, but for those of us millennials who grew up with her and sang *feeling 22* on our 22nd birthdays, we get to relive those memories.

Nostalgia + Art

Art has the power to give you all the feels JUST like a good Taylor Swift song.

So, why even hire a live wedding painter? Because this is more than just a painting (like this concert is more than just a concert).

This is the *once in a lifetime* painting of a *once in a lifetime* day that you’ll share with your grandchildren.

The TSwift Experience

Taylor Swift is a freaking master at experience. While I’ve never been one for her Easter egg hunts, she makes each launch and release an experience.

And her concerts? The Queen of experience has arrived and is ready to make this concert one for the books. Why else would some tickets be priced at $22,000?

You’re not just getting a moment, you’re getting an experience, a memory you’ll treasure.

More than *just* a painting.

Let’s say it again for the people in the back — this is more than just a painting.

It’s an experience you’re sharing with your guests where you get:

+a peek behind the curtain of an artists creative process

+the chance to experience your wedding day through a painting

+the gift of experiential memory — a curated painting of your wedding day so you can *relive* it forever.

Ticketmaster vs. Taylor Swift Fans

Ticketmaster lost its metaphorical mind yesterday when fans across the globe tried to purchase tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour…

…and while some may be used to the constant page refreshes or waiting queue…

This fiasco showed us that ease is everything. When we get frustrated, it makes not getting that thing we wanted (here, tickets) even worse.

A Seamless Process

I take great care to take my clients through a meticulously curated process in order to capture the perfect moment.

I manage all the logistics—setting up and materials—and shares an artist’s creative process just for you, captivating and entertaining your guests with your story.

The process is easy, not you sitting at your web browser for hours trying to figure out the next step.

So, if you’re ready to take that leap and experience a totally different and new way to share your beautiful wedding — one I have to believe Taylor Swift would approve of — then let’s chat about live painting.

Bringing your wedding day to life, thrilling your guests with a show-stopping live wedding painting experience, and creating a timeless keepsake that honors your sacred bond and will warm your heart every time you look at it – it’s what I do best.

Hey, I'm Courtney.

From behind the easel, I serve timeless brides who still embrace the unexpected by creating heirloom painting experiences that are immersive, one-of-a-kind, and thrilling to watch.

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